Everything is close to the sporting area „ASK Slavia“.
It’s quick, easy and safe to move between the fields, the camping and the hostel/ dining hall which all are in the same area.
Nobody will not have problems to move from the Hostel to Fields, or to other parts of the area.

Are you going to arrive sooner or want you to leave later?

No problem, we can arrange it.
One night extra at The Hostel for 10,-EUR/ bed.
One night extra at The Camping for 5,-EUR/ tent.

ASK Slavia sporting area

bigger map ASK Slavia

Route from bus/train station to Sporting area

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Participants have 2 possibilities of accommodation.

1.) Camping

A camp is situated very close, just 50m to fields, checkrooms with toilets and showers.
There will be about 4-6 toilet cabs, so there is no problem during nights  when checkrooms will be closed.
Whole camp is fenced and we plan to have our volunteers on the gate, but for safety´s sake, carry your valuables.
For maximum safety we have ordered frequent controls of The Municipal Police at the area.

2.) Hostel
A student Hostel with a dining-hall is situated just 300m from the fields.
There are double rooms for participants on the 4th floor and higher at the Hostel.

One toilet and shower for 2 rooms. There is one small kitchen on the floor.

Hostel pictures (not the movie) :)




- breakfast & dinner at the hostel
Options during the day (not included in fees)
1. two small buffets for snack - 200m from the fields
2. a big restaurant suitable for lunch - 300m from the fields

space for 100 cars in front of the big restaurant - 300m from the fields